complete set

complete set

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  • complete set of works — complete works англ. [кэмпли/т уэ/кс] complete set of works [кэмпли/т сэт ов уэ/кс] полн. собр. соч …   Словарь иностранных музыкальных терминов

  • Complete set of invariants — In mathematics, a complete set of invariants for a classification problem is a collection of maps (where X is the collection of objects being classified, up to some equivalence relation, and the Yi are some sets), such that x ∼ x if and only if… …   Wikipedia

  • Complete set of commuting observables — In quantum mechanics, a complete set of commuting observables (CSCO) is a set of commuting operators whose eigenvalues completely specify the state of a system (Gasiorowicz 1974, p. 119). For example, in the case of the hydrogen atom, the… …   Wikipedia

  • Complete graph — K7, a complete graph with 7 vertices Vertices n Edges …   Wikipedia

  • set*/*/*/ — [set] (past tense and past participle set) verb I 1) [T] to put someone or something in a position, or to be in a particular place or position Tea s ready, he told them and set down the tray.[/ex] She set the baby on the floor to play.[/ex] 2)… …   Dictionary for writing and speaking English

  • complete — [kəm plēt′] adj. [ME & OFr complet < L completus, pp. of complere, to fill up, complete < com , intens. + plere, to fill: see FULL1] 1. lacking no component part; full; whole; entire 2. brought to a conclusion; ended; finished 3. thorough;… …   English World dictionary

  • complete works — англ. [кэмпли/т уэ/кс] complete set of works [кэмпли/т сэт ов уэ/кс] полн. собр. соч …   Словарь иностранных музыкальных терминов

  • complete — completable, adj. completedness, n. completely, adv. completeness, n. completer, n. completive, adj. completively, adv. /keuhm pleet /, adj., v., completed, completing. adj …   Universalium

  • Complete market — In economics, a complete market (or complete system of markets) is one in which the complete set of possible gambles on future states of the world can be constructed with existing assets without friction. Every agent is able to exchange every… …   Wikipedia

  • complete — com|plete1 [ kəm plit ] adjective *** 1. ) including all the parts, details, or features: The library is fortunate to have an almost complete set of these publications. The system needs a complete overhaul. Our family just wouldn t feel complete… …   Usage of the words and phrases in modern English

  • complete — com|plete1 W1S2 [kəmˈpli:t] adj [Date: 1300 1400; : Old French; Origin: complet, from Latin, past participle of complere to fill up , from com ( COM ) + plere to fill ] 1.) [usually before noun] used to emphasize that a quality or situation is as …   Dictionary of contemporary English

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